ESM-PCV4 Premium Cast Vinyl

This premium quality, 2-mil glossy cast vinyl features a repositionable, long-term removable adhesive that makes it easy to apply, reposition during installation, and remove. Extremely durable, ESM-PVC4 is also designed to conform to rivets, irregular curves and indentations, making it ideal for such applications as fleet or floor graphics, stickers and decals, wall murals, POP displays and outdoor signage. Please note, this media does not have an air release liner.

Teknik Özellikler

Specifications.TotalCaliper 2 mil
Specifications.BasisWeight 51 microns
Specifications.Whiteness 94
Specifications.Brightness N/A
Specifications.Opacity 96%
Specifications.GlossLevel 80 @ 60°
Specifications.Inkset Eco solvent (Eco-Sol MAX, Eco-Sol MAX 2, EJ, TrueVIS)
Specifications.Adhesive Acrylic
Specifications.Backing 90# Smooth


  • POP Displays
  • Tradeshow Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Fleet Graphics
  • Wallcoverings and Murals
  • Outdoor Signage

Mevcut Ebatlar


Saklama ve Kullanım

ESM-PCV4 Premium Cast Vinyl should be handled with care to prevent surface contamination that may affect the printable surface of the product. This cast vinyl film should be processed and stored in an environment of 65° - 85° F (18° - 29° C) and 30 - 50% relative humidity (non-condensing) that is clean and relatively dust-free. It is recommended to store this product in its original packaging in a cool dry area until ready for use. If storage conditions are outside the recommended operating ranges, allow the material to acclimate to the production environment for at least 24 to 48 hours before use.