PGM-PTM Polyester Transfer Mask

Roland’s polyester transfer mask, HeatSoft™ PGM-PTM, is a transfer tape for printed and cut graphics produced with HeatSoft™ ESM-HTM2 media and Eco-Sol MAX ink onto a fabric garment. The HeatSoft™ transfer mask is designed to lift the graphic from its backing liner sheet without removing ink off of the printed surface and intended to release shortly after pressing, making the process efficient and easy. The transfer mask also allows for the graphic to remain dimensionally stable, keeps separate components positioned relative to one another and acts as a protective barrier from the heat press used to affix the graphic onto the garment.

Teknik Özellikler

Specifications.TotalCaliper 3 mil
Specifications.BasisWeight N/A
Specifications.Whiteness N/A
Specifications.Brightness N/A
Specifications.Opacity N/A
Specifications.GlossLevel N/A
Specifications.Inkset Eco solvent (Eco-Sol MAX, Eco-Sol MAX 2, EJ, TrueVIS)
Specifications.Adhesive Water-based natural adhesive
Specifications.Backing None


  • Textiles

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Saklama ve Kullanım

HeatSoft™  PGM-PTM - Polyester Transfer Mask should be handled with care to keep the adhesive face of the product free of dust, debris and contaminants that will affect its adhesive capability. Store this product in its original packaging in a cool dry area until ready for processing. Apply the material onto a clean printed and cut graphic. Allow time for the ink to completely dry prior to use, ensuring optimal results at time of transfer. Although Eco-Sol MAX ink dries to the touch immediately, allow 30 minutes of drying time to ensure that the ink is fully outgassed before weeding and applying the HeatSoft™  PGM-PTM - Polyester Transfer Mask for transferring to the garment.