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What is Dye Sublimation?

Without a doubt, dye sublimation printing is one of the most effective methods for creating a whole range of customised and personalised products on-demand. This means you can deliver an almost limitless variety of creative and profitable applications, that will enable you to extend your range of services to your existing clients, or indeed open up a spectrum of new markets to you.

With inkjet dye sublimation printing, you can print onto a vast range of fabrics and coated surfaces in many widths and lengths, including stretchy sports fabrics, heavy canvas, fi re retardants and ultra-light voiles. In addition to these textiles, you can sublimate onto a range of coated hard surface materials, such as wood, metal, plastics, glass and ceramic. This means you can deliver a huge range of applications including flags, banners, sportswear, fashion clothing, interior décor and promotional gifts.

It’s easy to learn, quick to deliver and means you’ll continue to surprise and delight your customers. Your clients don’t see the difference between printing on paper, vinyl, banner or textile, to them it’s just an image, graphic or piece of text they want to reproduce in different ways. Extend your capabilities, satisfy their demands and beat your competitors by adopting digital dye sublimation printing.

Roland DG’s Dye Sublimation Guide

Roland DG’s Digital Inkjet Dye Sublimation Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides a succinct and inspirational overview of this fast-growing and exciting market – a great asset to those wanting to know more about dye sublimation or get into the business for the first time. 

The guide contains:

  • An Introduction to the dye-sublimation process, the technologies harnessing its capabilities and what it means for users in specific markets
  • Application possibilities in a host of creative sectors, from soft signage and rigid surfaces to interior décor and fashion
  • Software and other complementary technologies driving its development
  • Inspiring user stories